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Alles für Ihren Messeauftritt

Das Bild zeigt eine Person, welche einer anderen Person einen Karton mit der Aufschrift "Österreich Wein" reicht.

-5% auf Autokartons

Here you will find everything about wine! Discover our extensive range of stylish accessories and equipment.

From glasses and decanters to robust packaging materials, wine coolers and tasting accessories to original promotional materials and informative brochures and books about wine from Austria.

Our team

ÖWI Handels-GmbH (ÖSTERREICH WEIN Institut / AUSTRIA WINE Institute) is a 100 % subsidiary of ÖSTERREICH WEIN Marketing GmbH (ÖWM).  After it was …
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Wine glasses

Wine glasses are instrumental in bringing out the best in your wine. Choosing the right glass allows a wine to be enjoyed at its fullest. But what factors …
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